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Selling Lifestyle

As an Aspiring product manager, reading books is my daily routine. But, recently I stumbled upon an interesting concept called lifestyle marketing. I did some case study and this is what I found.

Over the past decade, advertising has influenced consumers’ perception of reality. They have created these fantasies of perfect lifestyles and what you need to achieve these “perfect” worlds. For many companies, advertising has shifted from selling a product to selling a desired lifestyle in which their product is suited for.

What is Lifestyle Advertisement and why ?

Lifestyle advertising targets certain cultural and social groups when advertising. People who live a certain lifestyle will automatically be attracted to advertisements that display their interests. If they see an advertisement that displays similar interests to theirs, they will be more likely to purchase products from that brand.

Advertisers have had a long-standing goal of associating products with certain social situations. They find a set of products and/or services that can be linked to consumers in order to create a lifestyle that appeals to them.

Why does it influence people?

The products that consumers purchase are a statement about who they are in society and who they are not. Whether we are conscious about it or not, the products that are advertised all around become part of our lifestyle.

Marlboro cigarette — The Marlboro man

Before 1950, smoking was considered as good for health or at least that’s what was advertised. But, after the report of continuous smoking causes lung diseases was published, the sales rate of cigarettes started falling exponentially. Inorder to overcome crisis, cigarette companies started to advertise experiment results like making a person to smoke their brand cigarette for one month everyday and advertising his lung damage or making a reputed doctor to analyze his lungs. This method of marketing made a few recovery in the market but was not effective.

Then comes the Marlboro man. A man, who embodied freedom, adventure, wild and manliness. The company associated smoking Marlboro with masculinity. All men who smoke Marlboro are hard-working, and kind of better than the ones not smoking Marlboro. And this was all dressed up in the character of a cowboy, riding freely in the wild nature of America. Instead of hiding the facts, Marlboro accepted the fact and sold the lifestyle. Marlboro sales went from 1% to fourth largest cigarette seller in the world in just one year.

Hero pleasure — “Why should boys have all the fun”

The most loved scooter by females is the Hero Pleasure. Instead of having specs(traditional) as a selling point, Hero Pleasure sold a lifestyle of fun, free and adventure with the tagline as “Why should boys have all the fun”. This tagline increased the sales of Hero Pleasure in many folds and ended as the highest sold Scooter of the year in India.

Nowadays every company in any sector follows lifestyle marketing from hospitals to deodorants, you name it they got lifestyle marketing.

How using it could empower you business ?

Whenever introducing a new product to the market, people are afraid of trying new products mainly because they don’t want to get scammed or they just don’t want to be first in the line or just why they have to try a new one when they are comfortable with the existing byproduct. So, there comes the problem of getting the attention of the first few hundred target customers and it can be overcome by many possible ways like giving high offers and gift cards etc. But, the cheapest and most efficient way to get customers which will last for ages is by using Lifestyle Advertisement. By this method, customers will be able to feel a connection or get a liking towards the product just by looking at it and it helps in breaking the fear of trying the new product.

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